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Up Close & Personal

Language has been a passion for me since my childhood. Communicating with people from other backgrounds, countries, and cultures has always been a driving force in what I do and I am truly grateful for everything that I have acquired on this long yet great journey that continues to go on.
Working with me means no late deadlines, precise & true to context translation, and perfect-match content for your needs. Having done my master's thesis on culture, I have a perfect understanding of audience differences and thus, can make excellent localization work.
Feel free to keep reading to learn more about me, my work, and my perspective as a professional

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My Education Story

My English language education story started with a private tutor in primary school. I received private tuition from a retired English teacher for 3 months and honestly, being able to communicate with tourists who visited my hometown was amazing. I continued developing my language skills in elementary school as well. I graduated from one of the most esteemed secondary schools in Turkey where I received my education in English and studied in the Foreign Language Department in high school as well. I completed my Bachelor's in English Language Teaching department with honours in Cyprus and recently completed my Master's. Beyond common-public education, I took part in several different international events, and thanks to online training, I have obtained several certifications in language, education and writing.

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How I learned Theory and Practice are Very Different

I started my career as an English teacher in a language school. Although my lesson hours were quite low, It was frightening to see how everything I have learned so far would be so different when I put them into practice. During my time in this school, I also had a lot of translation requests from students and academics from a nearby university. As a novice in my field, at first, I decided to do it for free just for the sake of experience but It wasn't long till I learned translation is not something so easy to be done for free. Since 2009, I have worked in 3 different language schools, 2 colleges and I had the opportunity to run a Language and Arts School for kids for 5 successful years with a very close friend of mine. In 2019, I moved to the UK, founded my own private tutoring business, and still keep on doing freelance translation, editing, copy-writing, and editing.

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